Whom is the vaginal narrowing made to?

Vaginal narrowing surgery is most common in women who give birth to normal vagina muscles, because of the looseness of the vagina during sexual intercourse can not provide enough grip and vaginas voice due to adversely affect sexual relations. As the number of births increases, this becomes even more pronounced. In older ages urinary incontinence, urine baggage, and sagging of the large intestine may go together until they both coexist and even culminate.

A woman can comfortably grasp the two fingers she has placed in her vagina and speak about the width of the vagina if she does not. Vaginal surgery can be the solution to this problem.

What are the conditions that cause vaginal loosening?

  • Some women have a large vagina structurally.
  • Numerous normal births
  • Birth tears
  • Intervention difficult births
  • Gestation or opening of birth stitches
  • Giving a big baby
  • Loss of tissue elasticity with age progression

How is vaginoplasty surgery done? How much will it take?

It is usually performed under general anesthesia because of its psychological dimension. Epidural anesthesia (coincidental anesthesia) operation can also be performed comfortably. The process takes 30-45 minutes. The most preferred method is the collapsing process made from the posterior wall of the vagina.


When can normal dreams and sexual intercourse be transformed?

The patient can leave the hospital at the same day after the surgery. After the vaginoplasty, the buffer placed in the vagina is withdrawn the next day. No dressing is required. No sewing is required. Sutures melt themselves. It is only enough to use the antibiotic given and pay attention to the cleanliness of the toilet. 1-2 days underwear can be put on the pad. The most important point is vaginal narrowing surgery after 5-6 weeks of sexual intercourse. It is also beneficial to use vaginal lubricants called “lubrikan” during the first sexual intercourse after surgery. Sexual life after vaginoplasty surgery is expected to be better.


What are the disadvantages after surgery?

If sexual intercourse is followed for 5-6 weeks, the possibility of encountering a problem is very low. Premature sexual intercourse may cause re-expansion due to compression applied to the tissue without the wound reaching adequate strength.

Can vagina narrowing be done again?

If there is re-expansion in the vagina of the person, vaginal narrowing surgery can be repeated.

Genital area aesthetics (vaginal aesthetics) cover all of the above mentioned topics. Vaginal aesthetic prices vary according to the characteristics of the operation to be performed, but you can call us for more detailed information on price, operation process, healing process.