What is PRP assisted hair transplantation?

Recently, PRP procedure has been performed in Hair Transplantation. There are many advantages to applying together. Application of the PRP procedure It is a method that enables wound to heal and hair rapidly to grow after hair transplantation.

The greatest goal of PRP treatment is to revitalize the hair follicles, which have started to spill and lose their power and healthy structure. When PRP is applied, the hair loss usually decreases, whereas in the applied region, the hair strands become thicker.

It is necessary to apply PRP before hair transplantation and after hair transplantation. After the process, red dots and crusts quickly disappear. At the same time, the hair extensions of planted hair roots are also increasing in potential.


What is PRP ?

It is own natural plasma fluid that contains a lot of platelets in itself. If the PRP time is applied, it is the person’s own blood. It is not possible for PRP application time to have any allergic reaction. The purpose of PRP hair treatment is to provide tissue renewal, to reduce hair loss and to strengthen hair roots.

The blood at 10 cc of treatment time is separated in the laboratory and red blood is obtained. Red calorie plasma is made ready. The resulting plasma is injected into the area where hair loss begins, is visible and the hair follicles are weakened. Thus, PRP application is completed. The process time is 30 minutes. After the application of hair transplantation there is no pain or trail. It is necessary to repeat this procedure for 6 months after hair transplantation. PRP once a month protects the hair follicles and ensures them thicker and thicker


Other features of the PRP treatment method are as follows:

– Application to the patient is very practical and safe.

-The consequences of the PRP treatment technique are long term.

-Treatment has revitalizing and constructive effects.

– Supports all the vital functions of the deep, except for bringing the collagen to the flower.

– Rejuvenate by recharging. It also serves to remove wrinkles and lines from the center


PRP in hair transplantation

There are three functional applications of PRP in hair transplantation:

To ensure the permanence of the hair roots after hair plantation. (PRP supported FUE).

After hair regrowth to complete the recovery in a very short time.

Rejuvenating and revitalizing newly implanted hair roots after hair planting.

A certain amount of time has passed since hair follicles were obtained from the donor area and transferred to the recipient area. During this time it is very important to ensure that hair follicles survive. The roots obtained with this target are stored in a cooled zone and specially prepared solutions.

It is useful to add PRP into the waiting solutions or to wash the hair follicles directly with the PRP solution, allowing the effects to occur more rapidly. The desired effect can be explained by increasing the survival time of hair follicles, accelerating wound healing, and triggering hair follicles to produce hair