What is nasal aesthetic or tipplasty?

It is a process performed to recover deformities that originate from pre-existing nasal aesthetics that occur after nasal accident at any nasal tip.

Complaints such as low nose tip, width of nostrils or asymmetry are performed by tipplasty procedure.

In some cases, there is no need for operation. The doctor only removes deformity with the filler application.

If the aesthetic surgeon decides on surgery, only the cartilages and soft tissues on the nose tip are treated.

After the procedure, there is no trace from the outside of the nose. The processing time is self-winding and the special nipple is attached to the tip of the nose.

Buffer and splint are not used after Tipplasty operation.


It is performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia.



Average 30-45 minutes.


Healing time;

The patient is discharged half a day after hospitalization in the hospital. The next day you can return to normal life.

Post-procedure nasal tapes are removed after 3-5 days on average.