Frequently asked questions after hair transplantation.

  • What do you need to pay attention to before surgery?

Blood extractants such as aspirin, coraspine, alcohol, vitamin E should not be used one week before hair transplantation. Smoking should be consumed less. On the day of processing, nice breakfast needs to be served.

  • How long does hair transplantation last?

Hair stitching process depends on the number of grafts to be added. It takes 5-8 hours on average. The sowing time is taking a break. Stopover is also given according to the specific needs of the patient.

  • Is hair transplantation time painful?

Local anesthesia is applied at the time of hair fixation. The patient feels an injection only when anesthesia is performed. No pain is felt after sleeping in the region to be planted. However, if you have pain after operation, you can use painkiller by asking your doctor.

  • Is original hair damaged during hair implantation?

Since hair styling time is processed with special micro motors, existing hair is not damaged.

  • When do hair come out after hair transplantation?

Approximately 15-20 days after hair transplantation the hair starts to fall out. The spill varies from person to person. It does not have to be panic when the hair is shed. After the hair is poured, new hair starts to come out. Three months after the procedure, the hair starts to grow. In the 6th month, it is 80% of the hair. Exactly in one year, hair comes out completely.

  • What is age range for hair transplantation?

Age is very important for hair plantation. Sowing can not be done in the period when the pouring continues. Everyone who has seen male type fall from 18 years old can be planted. For the sowing, it is necessary to have a visible gap in that area. Your doctor will give you the right decision.

  • How many sessions of hair fixation are applied?

Hair transplantation is done with 1 seansta due to improved technology. Sometimes, however, these operations can be performed for 2 sessions.

  • Who makes hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is performed by a specialist surgical teams under the control of the plastic surgeon.

  • Is the hair extruded?

The added hair does not spill. When the donor area is at the nape of the sowing time, robust roots are being taken. There is no possibility that hair does not come out after hair transplantation.

  • How much permission should be used for hair planting?

A total of 4 days will be sufficient for your hair plantation. Day 1 is processed. Next day check out and dressing. The first washing is done for 3-4 days.

  • How will hair be removed after planting?

The processing time is processed with special micro-motors and natural looking hair will be produced.