Frequently asked questions after nasal aesthetics;

  • Is Nasal aesthetic a painful operation?

Nasal aesthetic is a painless operation. However, the sensation of pain varies according to the person. People with less pain can also have mild pain.

  • How many days are you hospitalized ?

One day of hospitalization is recommended to follow the procedure after the operation. In some cases, however, it is even half-day.

  • Who and what kind of nose aesthetic can be done?

Nasal aesthetics are available for women at 17 years of age and men at age 18 for general health conditions.

  • When do the bruise and swelling pass after nasal aesthetics?

After the nasal aesthetic, the bruise and swelling change according to the person. Especially within the first 4 days after surgery. And after two weeks, they disappear completely.

  • When is the nasal bandage removed from the silicone pad and is it painful?

Post-operative tampons are removed approximately 7 days later. It’s not any pain. Nose bandage consists of splint and aesthetic tape. They will also be removed in 7 days.

  • How many days can I take a bath?

One week after nose surgery, normal bathing can be done. However, this is a boiling process for a week and need to stay away from steamy water. They can cause bleeding and payment. In the first week, it is necessary to tear the head backwards (it is more suitable for the hairdresser) to wash with warm water.

  • When can I start working?

This process varies from person to person. Some do work 4 days, some after 1 week. Usually after 1 week you are back in your normal life.

  • When can I do makeup?

Make-up for the first week after surgery is inconvenient. After 1 week light make-up can be done.

  • Is it necessary to perform massage after nasal aesthetic surgery?

After your nose surgery, it is suggested that your doctor should definitely massage you. You can use almond oil, baby oil and olive oil for massages. With the help of oils, it is suggested to perform a symmetrical massage to the upper part of the nose and to the sides.

  • What should I do if my nose bandage comes out spontaneously?

People with oily skin are likely to fall off the nose band before 1 week in particular. This time there is no fear. We need to inform your doctor and protect your nose from trauma.

  • When can I use glasses?

After the operation of nasal aesthetic, there is no complete recovery, so traces can be left. For this reason, glasses can be used after 1 month. However, you will have to take an interim extraction