Frequently asked questions after breast aesthetics;

  • Where is the breast prosthesis applied to the chest?

There are 2 types of prostheses. Drop (anatomic) and round. The doctor who will applied will decide according to the body structure after the examination. Prostheses that are lumpy and unthickened are placed in the breast or under the breast.

  • What is the area where the prosthesis will be placed?

The prosthesis to be applied at the time of breast prosthesis is put under muscle or muscle according to the breast structure of the person.

  • Should breast prosthesis be replaced?

Prostheses used for breast augmentation time are longevity. However, there may be prolonged sagging due to loosening of subcutaneous tissue. In this case, corrective operations are being carried out again.

  • Can breast prosthesis cause cancer?

As a result of the investigations done, prostheses do not cause cancer and can not trigger at the same time. The prostheses used are FDA approved prostheses approved by the Ministry of Health.

  • Does the breast prosthesis damage the milk ducts?

Milk ducts are not damaged as the prosthesis is placed under the tissue when the breast enlargement surgery is in progress. There will be no problems during the lactation period in the future.

  • Will there be a trace after breast enlargement surgery?

The remaining trace after the operation will become uncertain over time. You will not be able to see when you look at yourself even when you are under the breast.

  • How long after childbirth is surgery possible?

Breastfeeding period, at least 6 months after the milk is cut off for the surgery should pass.