Eye eyelid aesthetic – Blefaroplasti

Eye eyelid aesthetics is one of the frequent operations. The eyes and the eyes around area have a thin and delicate skin structure. The eyelid is genetically acquired or later acquired, and can also be age-related. It prevents the eyes from seeing the eyelids, and gives expression to the face tired and unhappy.

Eye lid aesthetics have surgical and non-surgical methods. Transactions vary by individual. The right decision is made by the doctor controlling the skin structure.

When the eye circumference aesthetic is called; upper eyelids, eyebrows and foreheads. The lower eyelid is evaluated together with the cheek.

When eyelid aesthetic is done, the excess skin in that area is removed and the swelling and sagging are eliminated. At the same time, the muscles are shortened and the caps are lifted.

They may also be bagged in the lower eyelids. The oil in this area is removed and stretched.

Nowadays, there is a solution to these problems without needing surgical methods. Your surgeon will give you the best decision for you.