Eyebrow implantation

Eyebrows are one of the most important elements that complement the appearance of the face. This procedure, which is also applied to men, is an intense method recently requested by ladies. Eyebrows can be caused by many causes.

  • Disease
  • Accident
  • Incorrect browsing

For the above reasons it is possible to recover lost eyebrows by sowing. Nowadays, eyebrows are applied for people who want to change the shape of eyebrows.

The sowing time is based on spine-resistant hair roots in the nape region.

The new eyebrow shape is planned by taking into consideration the wishes of the patient. Eyebrow planting is made with FUE technique. The duration of the procedure under local anesthesia is 2-3 hours. The grafts are taken one by one with the help of special micro motors. The time of graft retrieval is mainly based on roots containing single stranded hair.

The number of implanted roots varies depending on the openness. Generally 200 to 600 root grafts are planted. The raised eyebrows begin to fall within a month. After about 3 months, the eyebrows start to go out again. Massage should be done when the eyebrows begin to appear. Massaging your fingers towards the exit of the eyebrows is effective in the direction. In six to eight months, the eyebrows will be full.