Bucket ear operation - Otoplasty

The bucket is usually a congenital condition. Thanks to this operation, the angle of the ear is corrected and the normal image is obtained. The ear structure is considered to be the optimal age for the operation since it is completed at the age of 5-6 years. When psychological problems occur in children, they should be intervened at an early age. Sometimes it’s just a matter of scooping in one


Operation methods;

Surgical intervention. It is the reason to prefer the most to our doctors because it is a permanent method. It is not a permanent buckling time treatment. This situation is not preferred much by our patients.


Anesthesia and duration of procedure;

It is operated under local and general anesthesia. In children, general anesthesia is generally preferred. The process takes about 1-2 hours. This depends on who you are. Processing time self-adhesive sutures are used. After 1 week, the stitches start to melt automatically.


After the operation;

I need to wear a tennis belt for 1 month. It is considered appropriate to attach the ears in order to protect the ears and prevent them from twisting after the operation. Bathing can be done after 1 week.