Breast enlargement-Breast PROTEZE

The breast augmentation operation uses silicone, which we call prosthesis or implant. These prostheses are FDA approved and at the same time the certificate is issued to the patient. In the future, it will not cause any inconvenience to the breastfeeding. Or prosthesis is performed 3 months after breastfeeding.

Reasons for the operation?

  • Small and undeveloped mammals
  • Sagging and loosening after birth and breastfeeding
  • Shape deformations due to weight loss
  • Asymmetry disorder

Age of operation

The operation can be performed especially after completing the development of breast tissue at the age of 18 years. At the same time, if the health status of people aged 50 or over is allowed, the procedure can be performed. Women aged 40 and over are requested to do mammography.


Surgical Methods;

The prostheses used are placed in the breast region with 2 different techniques. Intramuscular or muscular prostheses are placed under the submucous folds or the chest.


Types of prosthesis or silicone;

There are 2 main groups with prosthesis. Drip (anatomical shape) and round dentures. These prostheses are also divided into 2 groups. Rough and smooth prostheses.

Drip prosthesis is usually applied when breast tissue is low. This prosthesis has a fuller nipple and lower part. Because it has an anatomical structure, it gives a more natural image.


Operation time and Anesthesia

Breast enlargement surgery takes about 1.5-2 hours. This process varies from person to person. General anesthesia is performed at the time of operation performed in the operating room environment. A few hours after the operation, the person can stand up. One day hospitalization is important. In some cases, even with a doctor’s approval, it may even be a half-day admission.


Healing Time

It is normal to have pain that can be easily controlled by the post-operative medicine.The surgical scan will become uncertain within 6 months to 1 year. In the first week, the breasts seem tense and big. This never scares you. After a certain period of time your breasts will become softer by taking their normal state. After 3-5 days you can take a bath and start your business life. Certain intervals are needed to come to the controls. 1-3-6 months, such as the doctor must always go to the control.


Attention ...

Chest muscles (tennis, swimming, etc) sports can be started 6-8 weeks later.

It is suggested that it should not be removed for about 3 weeks.

Medical bra should be used.

Mammography time must be informed by the technician. Shooting should be done accordingly.

After 3 months, normal bra should be used.

The loss of sensation in the nipple after the operation is temporary.