Breast erection

Breast-stitching surgery is an operation that is aimed at recovery of the sagging breast. There are several factors that lead to the sagging of the breast. These factors belong to breastfeeding, weight gain, aging, gravity. If the elasticity of the chest is lost, both the sag and deformity will occur. This is when the circuit enters the breast erection operation. This operation has many different techniques. This prosthesis is also used when the operation time is not enough tissue. You are meeting these details in detail with your doctor beforehand.


Operation time and Anesthesia

Breast restoration surgery takes approximately 3 hours. This process varies from person to person. General anesthesia is performed at the time of operation performed in the operating room environment. Sutures are taken after 10-12 days. A few hours after the operation, the person can stand up. One day hospitalization is important. With the approval of the doctor, sometimes he can even admit half a day.


Healing Time

It is normal to have pain that can be easily controlled by the post-operative drug. The surgical scan will become uncertain within 6 months to 1 year. After 3-5 days you can take a bath and start your business life. Certain intervals need to come to the controls. 1-3-6 months at intervals such as the doctor must go to check.


Attention ...

Chest muscles sports ( tennis, swimming etc…) started 6-8 weeks later.

It is suggested that it should not be removed for about 3 weeks.

Medical bra should be used.

Mammography time must be informed by the technician. Shooting should be done accordingly.

After 3 months, normal hair should be used.