Aesthetic Initiations in External Genital Organs

  • Labioplasty (Reduction of small lips (Labium minus))
  • Labium magic oil or filler injection (large lips plump)
  • Pubis aesthetics

Aesthetic Initiations in Inner Genital Organs

  • Vaginoplasty (narrowing of the vagina)


Labioplasti (small lip aesthetic) surgery

Whom is labioplasty surgery applied to?

The small lips that are part of the external genital organs are genetically larger and longer in some people. Also called inner lip sagging. A question of why internal lip sagging can come to mind. The most important reason is the birth sagging and sometimes the postpartum sagging. This is even more disturbing, especially for those who are weak. Narrow trousers and lips that are noticed in the mezzanine also affect the clothing options of the person. Labioplasty is one of the most successful vaginal aesthetic surgeries performed by aesthetic surgical procedures done by those with such discomforts.

How long does internal lip sag surgery last?

Reduction of the inner lips can be accomplished in about 30 minutes under local anesthesia. The desired delicate disease can also be treated under general anesthesia. Once the small lips are numbed, the inner lips may be evenly reduced so that they do not sag through the outer lips too much. Repair is completed with the seams to be reached.

How is postoperative recovery? When can the normal life be returned?

Our patients who underwent surgery under local anesthesia (internal lip aesthetic surgery) can leave the hospital after one or two hours. Information is given on how to keep the same zone clean. Antibiotics and pain relievers are given for home use. They can return to work the next day. They can take a shower after 24 hours. Putting the pad into the lingerie for a couple of days provides comfort to the person. It is not necessary to have sports activities and canvass for 1 week. Sutures fall in two to three weeks. After this, the sexual life can be returned.

What are the disadvantages after the labioplasty surgery? Do you need to be operated again in the future?

It is important to pay attention to the cleanliness of the area after the labioplasty surgery, especially after going to the toilet. Not paying attention to this and infections may develop if the prescribed antibiotics are not used. This can be corrected with antibiotic therapy. An irritating sex attempt made without stitches can open up and bleed at the seams. Depending on the condition of the wound, it can either be sutured again or the dressings can heal the wound. It is very rare that these occur in our patients who carry out the things mentioned. Because the blood of the genital area is abundant, it is a body that has a quick recovery feature.

Little lips do not grow again. There are usually no obvious traces in the surgical area. But sometimes some people have more wound healing. This may cause sensitivity to this region. In such cases, it may be necessary to use some localized creams or correct traces.


Plumping large lips

Large lips may look wrinkled and fuzzy in some people. This may be a genetic feature, but it is a condition that we encountered after 30 years of age or very weak. In the desired external genital appearance, the outer lips must cover the small lips to a large extent in sufficient fullness.

What is preferred as a filler material?

The first choice for filling the outer lips is that the person should have their own oils. Sometimes people may want to perform this procedure remotely under the condition of the office, then thick particle hyaluronic acid filled pills may be used.

How is the application done and how long?

Oil injection is performed with local or general anesthesia under operating room conditions. Usually the fat tissue taken in the abdomen is injected into the big lips. The patient may go home after a few hours of rest. No dressing and stitches are required.

When will the normal life be returned?

In both injection methods, swelling occurs in the lips, more often in fat injection after filling. The swelling gradually decreases in a few days. Wearing more lingerie in this period reduces the sensitivity a little. Postoperative antibiotics and pain relievers are used.

How to solve the problems that may arise?

The only problem that may arise is infection. This can also be treated with antibiotics.